D?lmen 18.04.2004 Finals Coverage by Benjamin Rott

D?lmen, 2004-04-19. It?s the beginning of the last round. Oliver Daems is 5:0:1 with Keeper, his opponent, Maxim Barkmann, is 6:0 (12:0), playing Enslaver. Both of them are the only undefeated before round seven, so the winner takes it all.

Game 1:
No mulligans, Olli wins the die roll and opens with City of Brass, following Ancestral Recall in his opponents upkeep step. Maxims only action is playing a basic Island, which Olli destroys with the Strip Mine, he lays on his turn. Max casts a Brainstorm of the dying land, Oliver adds a Gorilla Shaman to his board and says go.
Max plays Volcanic Island, go. Oliver attacks with his Monkey, puts Library of Alexandria into play (full hand of seven cards) and is finished for the turn. He uses LoA in his opponents upkeep.
Max is not really competitive as his only move is laying another land (Underground Sea).
Oliver attacks, plays Mox Ruby and Polluted Delta and is done. In Max? turn, in which Max plays another Volcanic Island, Olli draws a card via LoA, fetches Tundra and resolves Cunning Wish, taking Skeletal Scrying from his Sideboard.
It?s Olivers fifth turn now, he attacks and plays an U Sea. In the end of turn step, Maxim puts Thirst for Knowledge on the stack, which Olli uses Mana Drain against.
In his turn, Max successfully casts Goblin Welder, lays a Delta of his own and is done.
Oliver uses the Mana Drain mana to cycle a Decree of Justice, creating three soldier tokens (uses LoA in response of the Cycle-draw) and attempts Time Walk, which Max tries to force (removing Cunning Wish). Oliver also has a Force of Will (he removes Brainstorm from the game) and takes his extra turn (he forgets to attack with Gorilla Shaman).
On his second turn in a row, Oliver draws from LoA in his main phase and tries Mind Twist for three, to empty his opponents hand. Max has Force of Will (removing Cunning Wish) and keeps a lonely hand card. The soldiers and the gorilla attack, leaving Maxim at 13 life.
Maxim plays an Island.
Oliver casts Mox Jet, uses a freshly played Flooded Strand to fetch Tundra and casts Scrying for four cards. After his attack, both players are at 9 life, Oliver discards Balance in his discard step.
Maxim asks Oliver, how many Counter he has, but Olli doesn?t want to show his hand. He though casts Mystical Tutor for Yawgmoth? Will eot and Maxim scoops, not being able to counter the game winning spell.

Library of Alexandria wins the game, and gives Maxim his first loss of the tournament, he was 12:0 in games up to this point...

Oliver vs. Maxim 1:0


Oliver removes 2 Cunning Wish, 1 Balance, 1 Isochron Scepter, 1 Mind Twist, 1 Mystical Tutor, 1 Decree of Justice and 1 Swords to Plowshares, to add 2 Damping Matrices, 2 Rack and Ruin, 1 Disenchant, 1 Skeletal Scrying, 1 Exalted Angel and 1 Flametongue Kave (?random element?) to his deck.

Maxim adds 2 Blood Moon, 1 Fact or Fiction, 1 Duplicant and 2 Red Elemental Blast in favour of 1 Memory Jar, 1 Mind Slaver, 1 Platinum Angel, 1 Time Walk, 1 Brainstorm and 1 Tinker.

Game 2:
No mulligans at the beginning of game two, though Oliver thinks long and hard.

Maxim heads into action with Tolarian Academy and Black Lotus casting Mind Twist on his opponent. Oliver tries the Force (removing Mana Drain) but Maxim resolves the Twist with a Force of his own (removing Cunning Wish). Oliver discards Tundra, Polluted Delta and Demonic Tutor.
In his turn, Oliver draws and says go, he has no land to play.
Maxim lays Underground Sea and Mox Ruby.
Oliver has another turn without land, in which eot step, Maxim uses Brainstorm to dig into his deck.
In his turn, Maxim casts Thirst for Knowledge (he discards Mox Emerald), plays Polluted Delta (immediately fetching Volcanic Island) and Mox Pearl.
Olli finally draws an Underground Sea and plays Brainstorm.
Maxim casts Demonic Tutor for Ancestral Recall, resolves the Recall and another Thirst for Knowledge (discarding Volcanic Island and Goblin Welder) in his turn.
Oliver casts another Brainstorm, finds and lays a Tundra and says go.
To end the game, Max casts Yawgmoth? Will (Olli reacts with his third Brainstorm, seeing one new card) and concedes. He never came back into the game, after the Mind Twist.

Oliver vs. Maxim 1:1


Oliver takes out Disenchant, FtK and StoP for 3 Duress.

Maxim has no changes.

Game 3:
No mulligans in the decider, but Oliver doesn?t seem too happy with his hand.

He starts with Flooded Strand, Maxim lays one of his own.
Oliver uses his fetch land to find Underground Sea eot and plays Volcanic Island in his turn, Maxim uses the eot step to search for Volcanic Island and plays Brainstorm.
In his turn, Max plays Mox Ruby (accidentally reveals Mox Pearl), plays Delta and is done.
Oliver uses Wasteland on his opponents Volcanic Island, Max draws mana and casts Thirst for Knowledge (discarding Mox Pearl).
Maxim plays Flooded Strand and Goblin Welder.
Oliver just has a Delta to play, but end of turn, as Maxim wants to use Brainstorm, Oliver casts Fire in response, killing the Welder. After the Brainstorm, Max uses Strand to shuffle away the cards, fetching a basic Island.
Maxim has another Welder, lays Volcanic Island and attempts Blood Moon ? in response Olli fetches Tundra, the Moon resolves.
Oliver has a Wasteland (Mountain under the Moon) and is finished.
Maxim casts Thirst (discarding Mox Jet), lays Volcanic Island and the Welders Mox Ruby into Mox Jet to generate black mana for Demonic Tutor (taking Pentavus, he has five mana).
Oliver casts a face down creature.
His opponent tapps Mox Jet, changes it to Mox Ruby, to get to six mana, casting Duplicant to steal the morph. Oliver has no counter and the shapeshifter becomes 4/5 (of course).
Oliver has another Wasteland and tries to Rack and Ruin both the Mox and the Duplicant (with the Welder tapped), but Max has the Force of Will (removing Brainstorm) to save his day. He attacks with both creatures in his turn, leaving Oliver at 13, who does nothing in his next turn.
Maxim has another attack for 5 and plays a second Welder, which Olli reacts by drawing and playing a 1/1 red creature of his own (Gorilla Shaman, who eats Max? Mox).
Max attacks with all three creatures, loosing a Welder to the blocking monkey. Oliver draws and extends his hand. No fast mana in the deciding game gave him a huge disadvantage.

Maxim wins the tournament!


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D?lmen 18.04.2004 Finals Coverage

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