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Milan (Ovino 6) 02.10.2011 *7.* by Richard Lessmann

This Year I arrive on Thursday after a 1100km drive as I get sponsored by JK- Entertainment Store who still has to do some work through out Germany the same day.Thus it will be a very long trip going back to.
Due to I easily find a team sadly not the wish team as I dream of having a 3 Ichorid GO! Team for years now but never manage to assemble one.
Sadly only 10 teams play this year but we enter top 4 losing right away very close but still that’s not too bad and was able to test my deck winning two mirrors again.
In the evening I have a private session with Rob Alexander and get my battled u seas some improvement, and have a nice talk with him and am very happy about how all went well.

DAY2 I help Jens in the store and have same real big laughs with him. In the evening Alban, Thomas and I try to bring the pimp title back to Germany but sadly Alban will lose the finals to Fantastic “rotto in culo” Stinfo, VERY COMPLIMENTS ON THAT! Lmk where I can find the videos you made I need to review that INSANE stuff we brought in one room.

Now we get serious: 206 Players all sleeved up for Ovino6. GONG , I love it, Off we go!

After lots of testing and thinking changes and not, I went back to the anncey list its just the most stable against all decks.

Dr. Edge

Main Deck 60 Cards:
4 Leyline of the Void
4 Unmask
4 Cabal Therapy
1 Terastodon
4 Bridge from Below
2 Dread Return
2 Darkblast
2 Golgari Thug
4 Golgari-Grave Troll
4 Stinkweed Imp
4 Narcomoeba
4 Bloodghast
2 Ichorid
4 Serum Powder
4 Bazaar of Baghdad
3 City of Brass
4 Petrified Field
4 Undiscovered Paradise

Side Board 15 Cards:
4 Chain Of Vapor
4 Nature's Claim
2 Firestorm
2 Wispmare
1 City of Brass
2 Anceint Grudge

I don’t really remember much and actually I did not want to write a report this time but hey you know how it is.

1st Round:
I walk through the hall count the mirrors i saw 14 others in the event of 206 people and will not fetch one of them in later games. But well a really good Idea I think and hey what else I could do with my bye other then take even more advantage out of it. Faces I am good Names I suck, I can not remember a single of my opps , sorry for that.

While shuffling my opponent reveal all his hate bears and a few waste effects, he knows what I am playing and I keep a baazar hand with no dredger, before I get my bazaar wasted want to find a dredge unmask myself and the go off from there, in 5 turns I don’t find one and I need to lay down bazaar and still do not find a dredger.

Play a guy playing snapcaster mages in RB deck with curscatcher and ninjas g1 I powder half my deck but win anyways, g2 he traps me, mages for trap again, but I win it fairly requiring thugs imp and möba beat down slight before the Gong smashes for times. I realy like the idea of the deck Bolt,mage,Bolt, nija, mage bolt again is kind of much damage I tell you.

G1 I win easy, g2 he locks me with bogs Crucible Waste and kills me with his golems.
G3 I win with Bazaar Petrified field as I am really fast again and he does not find his needed bog.

Nice Swiss guy with Oath
I unmask him first turn he does not counter although he could and I take his only oath which he could have played first turn.
My bazaar will proceed to win, when I cast the therapy to get some of the better cards in his hand he revels all his hand before I name, and scoops right after.
G3 he keeps a slow hand, he is super tiered and actually says its also not his day , when I cast a therapy and he revels again he just scoops to me and drops right away. I was in a very favourable position already anyway.

We both Get deck checked and he gets a game loss for not de- siding properly.
Thus I am really happy as he does not get to use his bard against me. Well he mind tricks me and Mulligan one does not help the situation , he time walks me like 7 turns before he finally manages to kill me, never saw such a late gush win.
He needles me after I was able to use my bazaar but I get a grudge in play, he think it’s CC is only one and could misstep it but well its still 2 he had a second needle in hand which he did not play.
Also here not much sleep made me a favour and I win it easily.

R7: Oath can’t remember much of this.
G1 I win in a flash light.
G2 he starts with Academy Mox Vault I kept following hand:
Bazaar land claim claim wispmare dredger I draw another dredger and in the bazaar one more and a chain. I am not only comfortable about it he also does not find anything anymore.


R8 Luca my team mate from the trials with Slash panther we have to play it and are pissed we have met but we shuffle and hope the best will win I start with bazaar and Field for a fairly fast win.
G2 he keeps a non hate double panther golem hand, my bazaars does wonders and I win it short after with a MASSIVE army 2 Bloodhghast 3 möbas 2 ichroids and 4 bridges do the work, sorry Luca,

Top 8 here we come.

I did not scout Juri and thought he was playing oath I decide to keep the Paradise Cabal therapy hand and hope to find a dredge and go. I am really not sure if a mull to 1 in this case is the correct move but 1:14,something due to theoretical powders is also not very goods odds.
He plays Kuldotha stacks and wins it farily easy. As I don’t find a dredger again, where are you guys!

G2 low mulligan again together with slow dredgs and a waste will give him a fairly safe position.
Relic does the rest and well he will then proceed to win the tournament compliments on that.

The trip back was a shitload as it took 14hrs.

• Wining a Ruby and a Library
• Stinfo you managed a fantastic event again keep it up!
• Fabian Motorowitch , how the fuck do you do that! You’re a MISSILE! Keep it UP!
• Babybue for the best salami e cachatorini I had in a long long time!
• People that offer me a beer
• All guys I do only see at big events and miss the whole year, we should all party in a club once, hope you get the Idea Stinfo! MTG Player Party where are you!
• Ceccorocket for just having the best cardpool on the planet!
• My toscany friends for always having fun and the best accent, I just love it if they talk
• The cards accessibility in the tournament to help my projekt’s go on
• All old friends and newbees I already start to miss
• everybody I forgot to mention

• Heiner, Rolf and Alban who start good but then lose unlucky your time will come!
• Fernpass in Austria you asshole cost me 6hrs of my life
• Idiots that drive and try to kill themselves, why do you have to do that in front of me can’t you wait till I am ahead of you.
• People that wanted to offer me beer and never brought one
• People I was not able to drink a beer together

Keep it Pimp
Sincerely yours

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