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by Sam Krohlow

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by Joshua Potucek

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Blue Bell 22.10.2011 *1.* by Josh Potucek

Today (10/22/11) at blue bell there were 36 players at BBGD 18 to battle for a beta jet and a mox or $ equivelent for second, and I played my good ol’ faithful landstill which I won the last 2 blue bell events with. AND YET THERE ARE PPL WHO SAY “I’M NOT THAT GOOD”…you know who you are Wink. So I am trying to win the 3rd straight type 1 blue bell with landstill. Anyways Here’s the winning list and the report!!!

4 standstill
4 force
4 drain
2 misdirection
2 mindbreak trap
2 mental misstep
1 reb
4 null rod
3 jace
2 crucible
3 fire/ice
1 steel sabotage
1 hurkyl’s recall
1 echoing truth
1 time walk
1 ancestral recall
1 lotus
1 sapphire
1 ruby
4 factory
4 wasteland
1 strip mine
1 library of alexandria
3 island
4 volcanic island
1 tarn
1 delta
1 strand
1 rainforest

1 red elemental blast
3 energy flux
2 underground sea
2 yixlid jailer
4 leyline
2 chewer
1 steel sabotage

Round 1 – Duffy w/ Dark Depths, 2-1 win
A. This game is kinda slow and uneventful. He duressed a standstill early, I land a mid game Jace while countering a few spells and wasting his resources and thats game.
B. I side in 1 sabotage, and take out reb. This game is similar to the first, He shapes my hand with duress effect, Im wasting some lands, I burn his hexmages off the board, then late game forgot they have first strike and accidently got a factory killed, so dumb.
C. My hand is something like lotus, ruby, factory, X, crucible, standstill, wasteland...Damn good vs him. He starts with a leyline on the field so there goes my crucible plans. But turn 1 standstill was strong enough to put me in advantage. Late game I killed 2 bobs with a fire/ice so that was cool. GG

Round 2 – Some n00b w/ Dredge (called n00b per Sam Berse), 2-1 win
A. I scoop after mulling to 4 and not showing him a single card in my deck
B. I side in 2 sea, 4 leyline, 2 jailer, 1 chewer and take out something like 4 rod, 1 island, 2 trap, hurkyls, sabotage. He knows Im on blue but not sure exactly what. My opener is leyline, force, drain, sapphire, standstill, fetch, factory...So this game was over pretty easily just protecting the leyline
C. Mull to 6 my hand was leyline, sapphire, fetch, drain, reb, fetch....So the only thing that really hurts me is if he answers the leyline on turn 1, if not I might be fine...He doen't answer it turn 1 and I drop a jailer later followed by a jace, then standstillo, GG

Round 3 – Black Red hate deck, 2-0 win
A. He mulls to 5 or 6 and I mull to 6...We each know what the other is playing. He tries a turn 1 magus of the moon, I luckily have the force of will. I play a standstill he cracks, and I maintain control protecting my jace with counters then proceeded to win.
B. I bring in 2 chewer for hurkyls and sabotage I believe. He mulls to 6 and I keep a good 7. My hand has 2 wastelands, null rod, fire/ice, force, blue land, standstill. His list runs alot of mox crypt and ring I think, so this hand should deny mana pretty nicely. And it does and I end up winning

Round 4 – Fisher w/ Bob Snapcaster control 2-1 win
This matchup between me with landstill and fisher on a blue control deck goes way back...and he hates it haha he's a good sport though.
A. My hand is force, trap, misdirection, waste, factory, 2 blue lands. This hand isn't the greatest, but I was on the draw. My deck decides to never draw a jace or standstill and I lose under the pressure put on by fisher.
B. I bring in 1 reb and bring out 1 crucible. I keep a good hand of like reb, drain, force, trap, standstill, island, fetch. This is the hand I like to see. I win a couple counter wars one notable one over a tinker. I then resolve jace, and continue brainstorming everyturn until I feel like I am in complete control. Over from there
C. I have another hand heavy on control and end up winning the game don't remember much. I fired a bob once or twice, it was a back and forth game but my card advantage beat his.

Round 5 & 6 ID, ID

Top 8 – Jake Gans w/ Dragon, 2-1 win
A. I win counter wars, burn some bobs, and pop standstills, waste some lands, play null rod, then win.
B. I side in 1 reb for 1 crucible. He squeezes through a mid game tinker which I unfortunately can't answer.
C. This is another close one but my mana denial between rod and waste effects end up killing him. The strip on his tolarian mid/late game was the nail in his coffin.

Top 4 – Jeff Folonis w/ welder shops (Nick Detwiler-esque deck), 2-0 (I think)
Jeff is a great guy and we played in the legacy finals a few weeks prior, me getting the upper hand, so he is looking for payback!!!
A. He mulls to 5 with lotus, mountain, lodestone. He attacks me to 4 life, then I can finally bounce it and stabilize. Wow that was close.
B. I bring in 1 sea, 2 chewer, 1 sabotage, 3 flux, and out comes 2 misdirection, reb, 1 jace, 2 trap, 1 null rod. I have a good hand with waste effects and a force of will and stay ahead of the game. Don't remember much sorry.

Finals – Tim w/ welder shops (^^^^^), 2-1
A. He mulls to 5, I keep a sketchy 7 having faith in my deck. The opening 7 had trap and misdirection in it, enough said lol. I drop a crucible which he metamorphs...awesome (what an annoying card). Then he lands a karn I think. I bounce his board with hurkyls then stabilize and win pretty easily.
B. I sb same as last match. I mull to 6 he mulls to 5 again (keep in mind I am playing counters and wastelands and crucibles) bc his hands would lose to wasteland, this is exactly what he said. He plays turn 1 thorn I force, I then play a island, he plays a lodestone which I try to counter with sabotage, but unfortunately he has misstep. Keep in mind he mulled to 5!!! He follows that up with a strip mine, and a metamorph. Wow that was nuts.
C. I was in control of this whole game pretty much, nice array of counters, wastelands, landed a crucible late, which he metamorphed again! I then hardcast chewer to eat it, then play a standstill and win pretty easily from there!

CONCLUSION – This deck is awsome!!! So So SOOOOOOOO underrated its unreal. Changes from previous list included -3 bolt, -1 mystical, -2 pierce, -1 sabotage…..+3 fire/ice, +1 Jace, +2 Misstep, +1 Reb. I wanted to make the deck better vs blue for this event because I felt people would be excited to play blue with the new cards out now. So by weakening my main vs shops I made the sb better vs it by adding 2 chewer. I decided not to give huge details and analysis on matches only because the deck is sickeningly consistant and does the same thing every time. I won 3 in a row at blue bell (arguably the toughest t1 players around in all of t1) so this deck is for real and it is awesome!!! All my opponents were cool and great sports!

fire/ice and mindbreak trap were superstars...I went with fire/ices bc I hated fighting over one of my bolts resolving to kill a bob bc misstep owns bolt and that circumstance got real old. Consiquently I two for oned bobs twice on the day not afraid of misstep Smile. And I would not play less then 2 traps. It stops your opponent from going broken early, wins counterwars, and is a hard counter late game, so good.

7/16/11 - BBGD 17 winning list with 33 players.
9/10/11 - BBGD 17.5 winning list with 32 players.

...Each list slightly different

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