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Sandusky 22.09.2012 *1.*
by Sam Krohlow

Westmont 15.09.2012 *4.*
by Joshua Potucek

GenCon Vintage Worlds 17.08.2012 *8.*
by Kevin Poenisch

GenCon Vintage Worlds 17.08.2012 *2.*
by Blaine Christiansen

Sandusky 04.08.2012 *1.*
by Sam Krohlow

Zuerich 09.11.2014
Kirchenburg Tiefenstockheim (Franken Masters) 18.03.2012
Uster 04.09.2011
Verona 26.06.2011
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Manila 24.04.2011
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Verona 06.02.2011
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Westmont 19.05.2012 *1.* by Joshua Potucek

The night before this event I had UR landstill with Null Rods ready to rock this event. And decided at about 2 am the morning of the event to run green as a splash and use engineered explosives over rod. I went with green for instant speed shops hate as that was lacking in times before. Grudge is an all around amazing card and I absolutely love artifact mutation as a card and the artwork aswell! So here is the list and report that took down the event. There was only 28 players but there were a lot of ringers and one of the strongest top 8's in a long time!

UR(g) Landstill

4 Standstill
4 Force of will
2 Mental misstep
2 Red elemental blast
2 Misdirection
2 Mindbreak trap
4 Mana drain
4 Jace, the mindsculptor
2 Crucible of worlds
4 Engineered explosives
1 Hurkyl's recall
1 Chain of vapor
2 Fire/Ice
1 Ancestral recall

1 Black lotus
1 Mox sapphire
1 Mox ruby
4 Scalding tarn
1 Polluted delta
2 Island
1 Mountain
1 Tropical island
3 Volcanic island
4 Mishra's factory
4 Wasteland
1 Strip mine
1 Library of alexandria

4 Leyline of the void
2 Grafdigger's cage
3 Ingot chewer
1 Artifact mutation
2 Ancient grudge
2 Lightning bolt
1 Tropical island

RD 1 Seth Levy on Intuition AK Drain tendrils 2-0 win
Game 1 - I have a strong hand and we have a midgame counter war over a yawgs will. There were about 7 counters on the stack and I won that war. He follows that up with tinker for BSC with 1 card left in hand. I am holding chain and jace. I lead with chain which he drains, then resolve jace and coast to victory.
Game 2 - I board in 2 bolt and 2 cage. I control his mana with waste effects, and resolve a standstill and jace. He tries to resolve tinker but fails.

RD 2 Some guy on aggro shop with revolvers panthers, etc. 2-0 win
Game 1 - We both have wastelands early and mid game I answer all of his threats and drop a standstill. He realizes he has more wastes/factories left in his deck then me. So we play draw go for like 10 turns. I hit land drops and finally he hits factory. I am at 5 life and I pop my own standstill at the end of his turn killing factory with fire. My turn I follow it up with crucible and jace and a lot of counters in hand. I waste lock him and control from here on out. Shops players are in a lose lose position in games like these because if they try to play the standstill game with me I am able to build my resources and not care if I eventually let them draw 3. And if they pop it early I have clear advantage.
Game 2 - The obvious cards come in. I have a hand of 6 with recall 2 lands and bolt. He mulls to 5 with revoker on jace go. This game goes down hill fast for him. I recall into lotus, and jace. Bolt his revoker and land jace. He has another revoker which says hi to my chewer. And I draw grudge somewhere here too.

RD 3 Jack on gush tps 2-0 win
Game 1 - I control this whole game denying him of yawg will and twister and necro. While drawing a lot of cards. I follow up with attacking with lands and he scoops
Game 2 - Cages come in and I resolve cage and standstill in first few turns. Then a midgame jace. He flashes me after the game he was holding yawg will and tinker. So cage did some early work here.

RD 4 ID With Micky Mhar

RD 5 Jon Jones with turbo tezz 2-0 win
Game 1 - I have library this game and bury him in card advantage and resolve a jace and she gets there ultimate style.
Game 2 - Grudges, trop and bolts come in. I have library again, but he has a turn 3-4 tezz and gets key, my factory and fire kill tezz. Then he tinkers for vault. I then grudge and he is blown out. I follow up with Jace and he can't come back.

I am the 2nd seat going into the top 8. So I will be on the play for most of my matches. Turns out I was on the play for all of them!!!

Top 8 Matt Elias on RUG Delver 2-0 win
Game 1 - I have mountain, 2 factory, standstill, force, ee, misd. I keep this because ee is a blowout for rug delver. I draw a fetch and land standstill. I pop 2-3 standstill this game and 2 jace. Jace does work on a goyf bouncing every turn and same with the 2nd jace then I hit ee and win from there.
Game 2 - I have recall, ee, Jace, force, etc. I think I hit lotus this game and ee kills a goyf or 2. This match and game is kind of a blur but ee and card advantage from standstill win it.

Top 4 Jones on turbo tezz again 2-1 win
Game 1 - I have library again, and we both agree I am getting lucky to get that every game against him. I control this game and win pretty easily
Game 2 - Grudges and trop come in. I have library yet again and he has recall lotus etc. I only see 2 traps by the time he plays a turn 4 yawg will, and thats the game.
Game 3 - No library this game, but I have turn 2 standstill and waste effects. He is mana short and I land a crucible mid game with strip mine. And follow with jace. This is over after that.

Finals Seth on DT again 2-0 win
Game 1 - I have a good hand with control and standstills so this is over from the start.
Game 2 - Cages and trop come in. He mulls to 6. I have turn 1 lotus into stanstill he forces and I have a second standstill and I waste his land next turn and he pops my standstill in the next turn or so for sapphire, crypt, jet, into intuition for AK's. He passes turn with no land to cast AK. I play ee on 0 and clear his board of artifact mana. I play jace next turn and ultimate him later for the win.

Only lost 1 game on the day and that was to Jon in the top 4. This deck is so good and is a great choice in the meta game!

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